Hot meals are served three times a day 365 days a year. Your donations provide meals to the hungry right here in Little Rock


We provide shelter and 250 beds nightly for Men, Women, and Families. This would not be possible without your support.


We know that food and shelter is not enough for our needy. We support and help restore hope through the gospel teachings and love of Jesus Christ.


Through your support, we are changing lives at the LRCC. Those who successfully complete our Recovery Program find a great start on a new life


One of the most valuable resources we have at the Little Rock Compassion Center is our volunteers. On a daily basis our volunteers help make a difference not only in the lives of others but in their own lives as well. Through our staff and volunteers, we are making a difference for the poor in Little Rock.

We have a diverse volunteer program providing numerous opportunities to contribute your time. Typical volunteers help serve meals, mentor through testimony and prayer, assist in the Thrift Store, participate in one time and special events, etc.

Want to know more about our volunteer opportunities? Click here to contact us by phone or Online. We would LOVE to work with you!

Want to Volunteer?

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