New Womens Center

New Women's Center

Something wonderful has happened. We now have a new building that, with work, will become our women and children’s learning center. The building is right across the street from the Compassion Center. It is clean and very well built, but it does need fixing up.

We are very excited about this. There is much work to do, and we need help.

If you would like to help clean windows, walls and floors, paint, lay carpet, and build out some walls ... we could use your skills. If you know plumbing ... we would love for you to volunteer to get this place ready for service.

Can you help? Your volunteer service, your prayers and your donations will all work together to make the most of this new building.

Why We Need a Learning Center

One in three children in Arkansas are born into single parent families*. Their mothers raise them while putting food on the table and paying the rent with one income. That is a huge job.

Some mothers know what to do. They are educated and industrious and supported by friends, family, and church. They do wonders!

Other moms are not well educated and have little or no support. No one has taught them how to cook, clean or manage their money and time. They could have been left to raise themselves growing up. Now they are like children raising children, and they struggle severely.

We have always wanted to teach the women who come here to be good parents and providers, but we never had the room. Our current women’s shelter has no extra space for classrooms or recreation. We saw mothers suffering and could do little about it … until now! God has opened a door for us. This is exciting!