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Shawn's grandmother prayed for him when he was young. She took him to church, hoping he would avoid the troubles many children in his neighborhood fell prey to.

But like many others, Shawn was drawn to the "fun" the other kids were having on the street. At age 12, he was already drinking alcohol. Things went downhill from there. At age 18, when he should have been graduating high school and looking to the future, Shawn was locked up in prison for aggravated robbery. Day after day he sat behind bars as the hours dragged by.

After his release, Shawn worked in a furniture store. He was doing well until he fell in love. "Things went crazy," he says. He lost his job and found himself incarcerated, time after time. With no hope for his future, Shawn considered suicide. But God had other plans for him. A psychiatric hospital sent Shawn to Little Rock Compassion Center.

After so many years in prison, Shawn was very argumentative and defensive. As he was treated with dignity and kindness, he realized he needed to change. What's more, he learned what it takes to change - a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, Shawn regularly attends chapel services and enjoys Bible studies. He is becoming more a part of the family here at the Little Rock Compassion Center, helping out wherever he is needed.

Most importantly, Shawn is finally free of the troubles that led him astray when he was young. "I feel this is where I need to be," he says.

At last, his grandmother's prayers are answered.



Local celebrity loses everything… then finds real treasure

Cary is an Arkansas man, born and raised. He has known the heights of wealth and popularity, working in politics for 40 years. Then he lost it all – only to find more peace and enjoyment than ever before.

“I was in church most of my life, more than anyone. Wednesdays and Sundays, morning and evening. And I was doing it all for approval and votes. I wanted people to like me so I could get their vote. I was not a nice person and nothing like a Christian on the inside. I looked good, but it wasn’t real.”

Today, Cary works at the Little Rock Compassion Center. He is a mainstay here, happily doing whatever Pastor Holloway needs him to do. If you visit, you will find him teaching a Bible study or an AA 12-step recovery program. You may see him visit your church group, talking about how God gave him peace after losing it all.

And he lost a great amount

The newspapers and FBI said he burned through $8 million in three years with the help of his then girlfriend and never enjoyed a day of it. He drank Jack Daniel's® every night to go to sleep.

All of this earned him three years in federal prison. After that, he was sitting around feeling sorry for himself when he saw an ad in the paper for a job at the Little Rock Compassion Center.

He came over and talked with Pastor Holloway, even though the job was already taken. In that talk, he began telling Pastor Holloway about the emptiness of his life, and before he knew it, was sobbing his heart out. It was the first time he had cried since he was a child.

Pastor Holloway gave him a job at the Compassion Center. That was January 2013. These have been the best years of his life. Cary says he could see Jesus in Pastor Holloway, loving him and wanting the best for him, even though he was broken and sinful.

It was the love of Jesus coming through the kindness of a pastor that gave Cary a desire to be like Jesus.

Cary thinks back to a time he once hid himself and lived as a sham. No one knew he was an alcoholic. Now he sits and talks with homeless and poor people who come to the Compassion Center and hides nothing from them.

He has made the same mistakes they have. He drank too much and wasted his resources. He has let others down and hurt them. He is no different.

He also knows Jesus forgives and offers a new start regardless of your wealth or status.

God is using Cary, just the way he is, to help suffering people find healing, enjoyment and peace, no matter what the circumstances. He has tasted the love of God, and now he helps others taste it too. He has never been happier.



Before I came to the Little Rock Compassion Center, I had no direction, no willpower and no self-control. Now I have a goal, direction and Jesus Christ in my life. I will continue to improve myself and to server our Lord. I am currently cooking in the Compassion Center’s kitchen.


I grew up in Tennessee. My life was without purpose, even though I grew up in church. I was good at partying and fighting. But now that I have finally accepted Jesus as my Savior, I am now fighting the good fight of faith. I will be returning to the church I grew up in and hope to be a positive influence to others so they will not follow the wrong path.


I came to the Compassion Center two years ago – a lost, broken and miserable person. After accepting Jesus and giving Him time to work in my life, I’ve totally turned my life around and I’m now in my second semester of college. I really enjoy playing guitar in chapel services and singing for the Lord. I am so very grateful to the Compassion Center for giving me a place to get back in touch with God and putting me on the right track.