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You can give hope to our homeless and hungry neighbors

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54,000 bed times provided in 2019

Beds provided nightly for those in need. Your donations go to shelter the homeless right here in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Program

Alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling,... we provide recovery options to those who are ready to change their lives.

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185,000 meals served in 2019

Your donations feed the hungry right here in Little Rock, Arkansas

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Become a Volunteer

We have volunteer opportunities for individuals as well as groups. Click here to find out more about our volunteer opportunities.

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Our Programs

We do more than provide meals and a homeless shelter. We offer addiction programs, job assistance, and other programs to help people gain back control of their lives.

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Make a Gift

In addition to monitary donations, we accept many forms of gifts. Furniture, food, clothing, and other donations are also accepted.

Welcome to Little Rock Compassion Center

The Little Rock Compassion Center, Inc. is an inner-city mission. We focus on a ministry of hope to the homeless, transient, displaced and disadvantaged people in the Little Rock Arkansas area. We strive to provide a clear message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as well as help for physical needs, while helping people transition into local churches. We will provide ministry to any and all people groups in the inner-city in an open and caring manner while recognizing the God given human dignity of every individual.

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Compassion is defined as sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

We serve the homeless, poor, destitute people of Arkansas. The Little Rock Compassion center is located in the heart of the homeless population.

definition by merriam-webster.com

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Meals provided in 2019

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Bed times in 2019


Answered prayers...at last

Shawn's grandmother prayed for him when he was young. She took him to church, hoping he would avoid the troubles many children in his neighborhood fell prey to.

But like many others, Shawn was drawn to the "fun" the other kids were having on the street. At age 12, he was already drinking alcohol. Things went downhill from there. At age 18, when he should have been graduating high school and looking to the future, Shawn was locked up in prison for aggravated robbery. Day after day he sat behind bars as the hours dragged by.

After his release, Shawn worked in a furniture store. He was doing well until he fell in love. "Things went crazy," he says. He lost his job and found himself incarcerated, time after time. With no hope for his future, Shawn considered suicide. But God had other plans for him. A psychiatric hospital sent Shawn to Little Rock Compassion Center.

After so many years in prison, Shawn was very argumentative and defensive. As he was treated with dignity and kindness, he realized he needed to change. What's more, he learned what it takes to change - a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, Shawn regularly attends chapel services and enjoys Bible studies. He is becoming more a part of the family here at the Little Rock Compassion Center, helping out wherever he is needed.

Most importantly, Shawn is finally free of the troubles that led him astray when he was young. "I feel this is where I need to be," he says.

At last, his grandmother's prayers are answered.