When the Little Rock Compassion Center was hit by high winds in the summer of 2021, its air conditioners were knocked off their mounts.  Not only were the AC units damaged, but they broke holes in the roof of the building.

The AC units were repaired and have been back in service since then. The initial holes were patched, but inspections show that those temporary patches won’t stand up to another storm or even the regular wind and rain that Little Rock sees each year.

What is needed is a new roof.  

It’s a big job, with more than 35,000 square feet of roof to replace – imagine the size of seven basketball courts.

“The roof has been on the building since we purchased it in 2005,” says Pastor William Holloway, the executive director of Little Rock Compassion Center.  “But the roof probably had a few more years in it until the wind knocked the air conditioners over.  The wind rolled those AC units, ripping deep holes that allowed rain to soak the insulation.  Thankfully, we made repairs so we can continue to house the homeless, but we need to act now to prevent future damage.”

The cost estimate for the much-needed roof replacement is about $10 per square foot.  You can help us raise the funds necessary to cover the cost by sponsoring one square foot or more so we may continue to provide safe shelter for those most vulnerable.